Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Floral Flow-y & Feminine

Yes, I'm still alive :) 

I sort have lost my inspiration to do daily posts because I couldn't find creative methods of taking photos  of outfits. My arms can only reach so far in different angles ! 

Anyway, I will continue to post more. Not necessarily on outfits of the days, but of super cute things I've been loving! I've shopped an insane amount over the last couple of months. Remember the pact I tried to make a few months back on cutting down my spending on clothes, shoes, make up? Well.... it's got be reinitiated :(  

I need to set my priorities straight. I LOVE clothes, accessories, and make up, but I really don't NEED to have everything I want. I realize now, that I would rather utilize that money toward creating memories in traveling. While I do have money saved and stashed away, I know I can do way better by spending a lot less in clothing and such. I don't even have enough closet space for all my things :(  It makes it a lot less fun to organize outfits when I can't see nor find anything!

My pledge is to not exceed 100 in one month. You thought I was going cold turkey, right? That would be just be setting me up for failure. 100/mo is a good start for me. 


Now that you know I'm still alive :) Lets get on with my outfit above. 

I am really digging the oh -so- feminine floral prints in just about anything! I paired this very bouncy, flowy top with black lace shorts to create a romantic and sweet appeal. The black is just enough edge to call it sexy without taking away the class. 

My nails are Wet-nWild's I-need-a-refresh-mint. Loving that color. 

On my lips: Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neon Color-Blocked Nails

Step one:

Paint your base color. This will also be the bottom color. Let it dry completely.

Step two:

Place circle stickers on your finger and line it up according to your desired proportion of color.

Step three:

Pick your contrasting color and paint it on the top part of your nails right above the circle sticker .

Step four:

Allow the nail polish to dry completely before peeling off the sticker.

Step five:

Add any decorative designs you want or simply just apply a top coat when you're finished! Voila

On my left hand, I used a neon pink base coat from PIXI in Summer Pink, and on my right I used the beige neutral polish from Julep in Pippa. I decided to fix the uneven result with a black nail art pen (Sallie Hansen), and I got carried away, and decided to design peter pan collared shirts on my nails. ( I am totally digging the peter pans right now).

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I paired up a orange colored sheer hi-low shirt with the BDG jeggings I recently bought at Urban Outfitters. I wore my geometric shaped cut out booties and carried my taupe purse. I had a hard time finding outerwear to go with this outfit. I have a a lot of neutral shade going on, AND I also had a lot of neutral jackets, but none of them really went with well together with my outfit! I had this problem last time as well. I need to decide how, and what color outwear I can pull off.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Scrubbing it

Everytime I wear this printed long sleeve shirt, I get so many comments at work about how they thought from afar that I had my arms tatted up. Seriously...even people who have seen me in this  many times before, continue to get psyched out. My shirt is a peach color, so I guess from faaaaaaaaar away it could pass for flesh color or..... people just have poor vision :) 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Babysitting Kinda Day

I've got the little ones today. My nephews are 5 and 2... Almost 6 and 3. Tues are usually my designated day with them. Noah (5) gets out of kindergarten early I'm tues, and I usually try to do fun things with them. We played UNO and and dodge ball .

Evan (2) had to take a nap and the pictures you see are of him falling asleep on me.

I don't get accessorized when I'm with the little guys. And I always carry a crossbody bag.

I also don't always have my hair or make done. I was inspired to photoblog even on my not-so-cute days. Trying to keep it real!