Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to Basics II

Neutral shades are universal colors that flatter every eye. It's the one look that looks good on everyone. I mean i LOVE color, but it takes a lot of practice to master it so that it does not make you look cheap or ridiculous, and sometimes thats just too much work. That is why the neutral shades are fail proof.  It enhances, it disguises, it mystifies, it's elegant and timeless.

This blog is dedicated to my love for neutral shades.

I wanted to showcase the palettes I owned, particularly drugstore neutrals.

Elf : Neutral Eye Edition

l o v e:  It's the perfect shades of neutrals. The colors are on the cool spectrum. They are beautiful and blend well together. $5
h a t e: Extremely chalky and dry with a ton of fall out.  Eyeshadow primer is a must!

Sonia Kashuk: Eye on Neutral 02

l o v e: The range of colors are perfect. It's all matte. Travels well. I use this palette more than my Urban Decay Naked palette. 
h a t e: Extremely chalky and dry with a ton of fall out. Eyeshadow primer is a must! As with the elf eyeshadow above,  the chalkiness makes it so difficult to keep the palette clean and free from fall out.

Take Cover .  Fair and Square . Bronzed Beauty
Take Cover . Fair and Square . Brozed Beauty
l o v e: The sugary glitter shade in each of the quads is really pretty. The consistency is like raw sugar. It goes on the eyelid and really creates shimmer. Love this on the inner tear duct and lid. These colors are not chalky and dry and i like that they dont have a ton of fall out.  They're quite pigmented. The colors really are beautiful.
h a t e: Fair and Square is too pink for me.  Bronzed Beauty is too warm for me.

Jemma Kidd : Smoke it out I-Kit


l o v e:  It's really compact and sleek. You would make use of each of the shades. Excellent for travel.  It has a silver  shadow instead of gold and that makes this palette unique. Applies on smoothly. Fall out is minimal.
h a t e: The silver color's pigmentation is the least of all the shades. (But's its really okay)

Elf: Butternut


l o v e: It's only $1. The colors are very wearable. The two dark shades have decent pigmentation.  All in all, I like the color combination.
h a t e: The 2 lightest shades hardly show up on my arm. The triangular shape makes it hard to use my fingers to apply the make up on my eyes (if im not using my brushes).

Forever21 Palette

l o v e: Great if you're going for a very natural and subtle look because these colors are fairly light. The cream color has the highest pigmentation.
h a t e: You can't build up the colors no matter how many applications you apply.

Rock and Rose

l o v e: The eyeshadow in the pan HAD a very pretty floral design. The colors are very shiny and has gold flecks of shimmer in all of them. The pigmentation of these are great.
h a t e: there are two shades that are pretty much the same color. 

An Austrailian Eyeshadow Quad. The box says "Sportygirl Wild Whisperer"


l o v e: I really like the softness and pigmentation of these eyeshadows. I think it's supposed to be a cheapy line, but the quality is awesome. Im really happy I bought this. The colors are cool and neutral and very blendable. The dark green on the bottom right corner does not really show up dark green on my skin. It looks like a dark charcoal grey. These look more matte than shiney, but definiately not completely matte. 
h a t e: I don't have anything bad to say about this. 

Lumene Duo


l o v e: I like the dark taupe color a lot in this palette. I will have to depot these and put them in my Z palette because I never reach for this just because it's only two shades. 

h a t e: The lighter cream color hardly shows on my skin.  (Im NC 30-35)

Wet 'n' Wild: Vanity


l o v e: The 3 matt shades. I love the middle caramel matt color. It's by far my favorite in the palette. It makes for a great crease blending shade. The shiney pearl color goes on smoothly and is great for highlighting or used in the inner lid and tear duct. The price of this palette makes it affordable that the one or two colors that I dont like so much isn't such a big deal.

h a t e: The matte white applies on very chalky. It doesn't look nice on the skin because it's blotchy. I also am not a fan of the shiney gold color. Im just not a fan of that hue of gold. It's too yellow and not a true gold. 

Loreal Hip Duo:


Mischief & Shady


l o v e: The pigmentation of these duo's is great. They are very long lasting on my lids as well. Shady is among one of my favorites as is Roaring. Shady is a great neutral toned duo. I really like the combination of the two for a natural eye look. Roaring is a beautiful combo as well. The neutral shade is a great contouring shadow for nose as well as blending crease colors. The electric blue works as a nice eyeliner for that pop of color. 

h a t e: The duo's are not finely milled and soft or creamy, can have some fall out, but nothing terrible enough to make it a deal breaker. 

Maybellene Eye Studio: Give me Gold

l o v e: The combination of the colors are really nice.  I can do without the yellow tone in there, but it's nice to have I suppose. I'm a fan of the shiney cream colored shadow. I like when palettes include a super light color for inner lids such as this and medium tone and dark as well. This was my first neutral palette purchased at a drugstore a really really long time ago. These shadows have a pretty good color payoff and lasts a while. 

h a t e: It can have some fall outs as well. I guess no shadow is really pefect. But I did like this line enough to buy 2 more of these palettes in different colors.  :)

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