Wednesday, March 14, 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Superstay 24 h Lipsticks

 Priced between $6-10, these lipsticks promise to stay on for 24 hours without transfer. I decided to put this to the test. I wore Perpetual Plum and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner and blotted my mouth with a napkin at the end of each meal, and was quite surprised there was no lipstick residual on the napkin! What I loved even more was that I was able to drink a Starbucks coffee without seeing the stain of my lipstick on the lid. (one of my biggest peeves) I washed my make up off before I went to bed, but I didn't scrub my lips. I went to bed and my lipstick was still on. I woke up and didn't see any stains on my pillowcase. I looked in the mirror, and the lipstick was still intact! Plus it didn't dry my lips out!

There is a 2 step process, but really it's 3. They say to apply the lipstick to clean lips and allow 2 mins for the lipstick to set before applying the balm. But I say 3 steps because it is really important to buff your lips and rid it of any dry skin, otherwise it'll look gross with the lipstick on as it accentuates the dryness of your lips.  I didn't really do that part in these swatches, and now I know I should. 

These lipsticks definitely have awesome staying power. In fact to remove it, you need to use anything that is oil-based. I just used baby oil and it came off real easy. But you can use make up remover so long as it's oil-based. Baby oil is cheaper, and it takes off make up as good as my more expensive waterproof eye make up remover. 

With that said, the lipsticks will also fade faster if you are eating something greasy... just keep that in mind. Also when it does start to fade, it's noticeable. It fades in random parts of your lips. So maybe the corners are all gone, and your lower mid lip is still pigmented but the sides are missing etc.. 

The color selection is wide and plentiful, but most of these colors are not your typical everyday wear. They have just one color that resembles a nude, and that one is called Timeless Toffee. Timeless Rose and Perpetual Plum can be worn everyday if you only use 1 coat. These photos definitely muted the colors a lot. They are more bright and vibrant in person. But if youre looking for a pop of color, then these might be fun to try. 

L-R: Timeless Toffee, Timeless Rose, Perpetual Plum, Very Cranberry, Blush On, Eternal Sunset,  Keep it Red
timeless toffee

very cranberry

blush on

eternal sunset
timeless rose

perpetual plum

keep it red

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