Monday, April 9, 2012

Bad to the Blues

I've been MIA on this blog because I've realized how time consuming it is! I have a new found respect for gurus who have thousands of YouTube videos out AND have time to blog. How do they find the time to edit them all too?? And what about those fashion blogs with real professional photographs of people modeling their own clothes? Damn. I wish I had time, talent and resources for all that. But even if I did, it's way too time consuming for me.

So instead, to maintain my blog, the only way I can do it, is the most basic form possible. I just hope its still entertaining for folks. No editing, no special effects, no fancy camera. Just me and my iPhone. We make a good enough team.

With that said... here is the result of our work from my "outfit of the day", yesterday :P  :

Spring is definitely my favorite season for fashion. There are so many fun colors to work with, and there are almost no rules as to what you can match and what you shouldn't. Clothing stores come out with all sorts of colors ranging from Easter pastels to 80's neon to timeless bold colors.

And personally, I love pairing bold blue with silver accessories. Gold and blue...remind me too much of  my alma mater,  and I don't think of school and fashion as being one.

Anyway, this was my take on wearing a bold blue. I paired it with some spiked rings because I thought it was the appropriate amount of edginess to match the faux leather blue shorts. My sparkly kitten heels from Urban Outfitters softened the "bad gal" look of my outfit. And to top it off, I added the beaded strands around my neck for a touch for elegance.

...and P.S.  Thank you Ken,  for encouraging me to keep blogging!

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