Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Floral Flow-y & Feminine

Yes, I'm still alive :) 

I sort have lost my inspiration to do daily posts because I couldn't find creative methods of taking photos  of outfits. My arms can only reach so far in different angles ! 

Anyway, I will continue to post more. Not necessarily on outfits of the days, but of super cute things I've been loving! I've shopped an insane amount over the last couple of months. Remember the pact I tried to make a few months back on cutting down my spending on clothes, shoes, make up? Well.... it's got be reinitiated :(  

I need to set my priorities straight. I LOVE clothes, accessories, and make up, but I really don't NEED to have everything I want. I realize now, that I would rather utilize that money toward creating memories in traveling. While I do have money saved and stashed away, I know I can do way better by spending a lot less in clothing and such. I don't even have enough closet space for all my things :(  It makes it a lot less fun to organize outfits when I can't see nor find anything!

My pledge is to not exceed 100 in one month. You thought I was going cold turkey, right? That would be just be setting me up for failure. 100/mo is a good start for me. 


Now that you know I'm still alive :) Lets get on with my outfit above. 

I am really digging the oh -so- feminine floral prints in just about anything! I paired this very bouncy, flowy top with black lace shorts to create a romantic and sweet appeal. The black is just enough edge to call it sexy without taking away the class. 

My nails are Wet-nWild's I-need-a-refresh-mint. Loving that color. 

On my lips: Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish .

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