Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neon Color-Blocked Nails

Step one:

Paint your base color. This will also be the bottom color. Let it dry completely.

Step two:

Place circle stickers on your finger and line it up according to your desired proportion of color.

Step three:

Pick your contrasting color and paint it on the top part of your nails right above the circle sticker .

Step four:

Allow the nail polish to dry completely before peeling off the sticker.

Step five:

Add any decorative designs you want or simply just apply a top coat when you're finished! Voila

On my left hand, I used a neon pink base coat from PIXI in Summer Pink, and on my right I used the beige neutral polish from Julep in Pippa. I decided to fix the uneven result with a black nail art pen (Sallie Hansen), and I got carried away, and decided to design peter pan collared shirts on my nails. ( I am totally digging the peter pans right now).

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