Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Focus on Fuchsia

While most people are gravitating toward spring's coral and turquoise trend, I've got my eyes on fuchsia. I adore the vibrancy of this color. It's not quite red, too intense to be pink, and too red and pink to be purple. It's a color that makes me feel ALIVE. Is that weird? I associate emotions to colors. But it's true.

Fuchsia is also quite flattering on my "Winter" complexion. I know we're into Spring right now, but my coloring still says Winter. (However, I'm not this ghostly in person. I'm not sure why I look so washed out in these photos.) While I'm getting a bit more color in my skin now, it's not nearly deep enough to pull off coral just yet. I usually sport the corals during the Summer when I am more tanned, or as I like to call it, a darker shade of light.  :) 

The popular choice for color blocking with fuchsia this Spring is to pair it with orange and yellow. So here is my rendition of it in another "self photography" session. 

I'll start top-down. When you're wearing bold colors as a top and bottom, like I am in these photos, it's a good idea to keep the face neutral. I made the mistake of using a dark blue to line my eyes. I thought it would be a cool twist, but I realized it's a bit much. And too much color going on, leaves me looking like a confused girl who's trying too hard. I think it's a better idea to keep the eyes to a bare minimum, and line them with pencil or eye shadow to avoid having a stark line from liquid or gel eye liners. I do however, feel that the bright lips are appropriate. And this particular one was gifted to me by my friend, Kryzia. I looooove this color! Thank you for my first YSL lippie :) 
I am wearing a tight-fitted orange v-neck tshirt tucked into a pair of mid-rise fuchsia shorts.  FYI, mid-rise as well as high-waisted bottoms are great for elongating my legs. High heels, or wedges also do wonders to give off the illusion of longer legs. I decided on buckled wedges to give it a more relaxed feel. I felt I needed to balance off the bright lips, because bright lips always gives off that "all made up" appearance even if you're eyes are bare. It's instant glamor in a tube, really.
Yes, they really are goosebumps!

I chose to accessorize with gold, white, and pink.  Warm tones like orange look richer when paired with gold. Also, gold and yellow are in the same family, so it's okay to have them together in this palette.  But I wouldn't introduce anymore new colors. (refer to the above comment on my dark blue eye liner.) But then again, I'm not a fashion expert. I just like what I like. So you can style however you wish! Fashion is whatever you perceive it to be. Just have fun :) 

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