Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainy Days

So it turned out that rain did happen yesterday. But way after I had blogged! And today, I looked out my window before getting dressed. It was sprinkling.  :)

On days where the weather is dreary and the air is moist, I'll either typically be seen in a hat of some sort, or my hair is tied up or clipped back. It's not worth spending time to make your hair look pretty, when it's just going to look like crap really fast. 

I am wearing a off-white tshirt with black leggings and a cropped black blazer. I kept the colors muted so I could bring out the pop of purple in my purse.  I love my rain boots from Gilt. The ribbon ties in the back make the olive green boot a bit more feminine, but also edgy because the black ribbons mimics a the ties of a corset. To upkeep the edge, I chose black and silver to accessorize with. 

I kept the make up to a minimal. I wanted to balance the edginess with a softer face. 

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